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Alex, the middle Chinese Crested came by way of Houston. She was part of a 50+ dog horde and her best friend there was a black cat. She often behaves like a feline still, rubbing chairs and leaping around the room on furniture. Her favorite time of the week is noon on Saturdays when she howls at the tornado sirens. Being part Italian Greyhound, she is an avid sprinter and often can be seen balancing on her hind legs while she smiles. Her previous foster Mom, Soo Lee, insisted on driving her up from Houston to deliver her and we will forever be grateful.


Stella (Stelly Belly) Our fifth store familiar/4th Chinese Crested was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. Stella has developed into quite the Par Kour expert, able to leap tall couches, in a single bound. She enjoys swallowing treats whole and just loves kids of all ages. She is the first Dominoe colored Baby and everyone loves her big white paw. It comes quite effective in the pool, since she has webbed feet and is an excellent swimmer. Come by the Emporium, where she can be seen every other Friday and some Saturdays. She loves playing shop dog!

Vivian "Vivi"

"Our little monkey dog", is the smallest of the Chinese Cresteds. She comes from an Oklahoma Family that ran out of space in their Menagerie. Her previous home included: Baboons, Lemurs, Bull Dogs, Lizards, and Yorkies. She is known to grab your arm like a monkey, and loves to play with children. She hasn't learned to howl yet, but is working on it. She is the youngest of the group. Her energy is boundless, unlike her patience when waiting on food.


Being the only male of the four, and the only weenie dog in the house, he tends to be everyone's hero. As the oldest, he spends a lot of time napping. His favorite time of the year is Summer, when he gets a fresh buzz cut at Four Paws. He was adopted after being abandoned by his family in Jefferson Park. His previous Foster Mom, Heather Lawson, is known for her love of animals and her endless patience with them.


Adopted in 2012, she came to Joe after being in two other homes, thru a rescue site in Kansas. She was in dire need of medical care. Joe and his Sister, Veterinarian, Anna Coffin/Demars brought her back to living her best life. She enjoys treats of all kinds, most importantly to her, broccoli. Occasionally, she will break out in late night dancing and has a pretty good Cher impression. She is the largest Chinese Crested in the family.

There are several rescue sites that specialize in hairless breeds.
If you have the patience and time to give the special care these breeds require, visit them.