Locally Owned and Operated​

LGBTQIA2S+ Owned and Operated

Craig’s Emporium is known as
the “Most Magical Place in Oklahoma.”

We welcome guests from our local community, across the state, and out-of-town treasure hunters. Craig’s has evolved from a small bohemian shop to an enormous warehouse of books and curiosities that are sure to delight and inspire you. Our diverse staff offers an inclusive and welcoming environment featuring eclectic and exclusive gifts you won’t find anywhere else. With a massive inventory of books, metaphysical supplies, and exotic gifts, there’s something for everyone.

As one of the oldest gift shops in OKC, we have a reputation for supplying our customers’ specific requests and providing an astounding variety of wares. We carry a spectrum of products – colorful, worldly, and rare. You’ll find these fantastical items elicit wonder as you explore.

Our selection is vast and includes an array of price points. For example, if you’re looking to purchase a stone, we carry various sizes so there’s sure to be one that will fit your budget. You’ll find what you need at a fair price, every time. And if you want something we don’t carry, just ask! We love procuring items for our customers.

We also offer an array of specialty items crafted in-house. So whether you’re hunting for custom jewelry, hand-poured candles, incense, or fragrant oils, we can tailor-make items specific to your needs.

Our Products

At Craig’s, you’ll find crystals, clothing, tarot decks, books, statues, quirky trinkets, and more. There’s a never-ending assortment of items to enrich your life and engage your senses. We carry a wide range of religious merchandise and spiritual tools that are hard to find in a conservative and predominantly Christian community. We pride ourselves on offering items you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Location

Our store is located in Historic Uptown 23rd District.

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Regular Store Hours

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The Most 
Place in Oklahoma

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Closed on the following Days:

You just have to see for yourself. There's so much, it's hard to describe. Can't wait to go to back!
Very interesting with a little something for everyone I think! Definitely a spot to remember 👍👍
Always loved Craig's. I do miss when it was in the Paseo district! First Friday walks are my favorite! I took my son today for the first time. He fell in love as well 😍😍😍